Orlando Science Center Science Challenge 2016 Winners

On Saturday, March 19, the brightest young minds in Central Florida competed in the 18th Annual Orlando Science Center Science Challenge!

Presented by Orlando Science Center and Bright House Networks, the Science Challenge encourages excellence in science education plus is an intermediate event between the county science fairs and the state science fair. Participants were the first place winners in all physical science categories for middle and high schools in county science fairs for the nine surrounding counties (Brevard, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, Sumter and Volusia).

More than 100 competitors showcased projects and sharpened their presentation skills before a panel of judges that included current and retired engineers, educators and scientists. The winners from each category are listed below. Each winner was awarded $400. One teacher award of $1,000 was also given out for their school to use toward science-related activities. The Best in Fair awardee earned a $4,000 scholarship to use toward his college degree.


Best in Fair Scholarship Winner

Muhammad Abdulla

“Stochastic Analysis in Biomedical Engineering: Identifying Acute Myocardial Infraction”


Teacher Award

Paula Ladd – West Shore Junior/Senior High School


Junior Category Awards:

Chemistry: Noah Huff

“What is the Best Method for Filtration of Water Containing Heavy Metals?”

Intelligent Machines, Robotics & Systems Software: Deegan Tarrillo

“Communicating Protocol: Smart Car Safety at Intersections (Year 2)”

Mathematics: Jenna Blanchard

“Math, Music Connections: The Mathematical Beauty of Music”

Engineering: Nicholas Gaug

“Ice, Ice Baby: Putting an End to Pavement Damage”

Environmental Science: Kyle Bramblett

“What is the Optimal Placement of Hard Shell Clams and Eastern Oysters, Based on Salinity Levels, to Maximize Filtration of Pollutants and Improve the Water Quality?”

Physics: Luke Fields

“Investigating the Ability of Non-Newtonian Fluids to Reduce Blunt Force Impact”


Senior Category Awards:

Chemistry: Summer Van Orman

“Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds on Embryonic Growth”

Intelligent Machines, Robotics & Systems Software: Aidan Ryan

“Point Cloud Generation Using Computer Vision for Motion Estimation”

Mathematics: Nirja Shah

“Analysis of Optical Depth by Studying the Relationship Among Tau, Feature Width, and Particle Size in Saturn’s Rings”

Engineering: Amber Yang

“Orbital Recognition System for Space Debris Tracking Using Artificial Neural Networks—A Journey from Inner-Brain GPS to Outer-Space GPS”

Environmental Science: Cathleen Mestre

“Global Warming and El Niño Southern Oscillation Cycles Effect on Sea Turtles”

Physics: Parker Coye

“Breakage of the SET Nanowires and Determination of the Resistivity Constant for Multilayer Graphene”


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