Celebrate All Things Dinosaur at Prehistoric Party

By OSC on July 18, 2017 in DinoDigs, What's New


July is Paleontology Month at Orlando Science Center in honor of everyone’s favorite prehistoric giants. To celebrate, we’re transforming Dino Digs into a Prehistoric Party! Guests will be able to dig, play, and dance their way through stations learning about creatures from Apatosaurus to Zuniceratops.

To memorialize the megafauna, we are teaming up with the Florida Fossil Hunters and the Florida Museum of Natural History. Demonstration tables from each group will be set up for you to take a closer look at fossils from Florida and around the world. There will be crafts and games set up for kids to design their own dinosaurs, play prehistoric matching games, and more. The event will feature a variety of dance music so you can dance among the dinos all day long.

Plus, while you’re here, check out our film Walking With Dinosaurs 3D in the Digital Adventure Theater!

Looking for even more fossil-fueled fun to get ready for Prehistoric Party? Find out what dinosaurs roamed your state!


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