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PechaKucha Night is an entertainment event held several times a year in downtown Orlando! Powered by PechaKucha at Science Night Live will be presented by PechaKucha Orlando and give event guests a taste of the exciting format they can experience during PechaKucha Night v18 on July 8 at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts!

PechaKucha Orlando LogoDrawing its name from the Japanese term for “chitchat” PechaKucha rests on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It’s a format that makes the presentations concise and keeps things moving at a rapid pace. Speakers present their PechaKuchas on any subject, from the personal to the public.

PechaKucha is an opportunity to listen, learn, and engage… and unwrap the hidden brilliance of Orlando! Meet your presenters and learn more about their PechaKuchas below!

Enjoy PechaKucha presentations for free with admission to Science Night Live! Seating for the first session has sold out and limited seats remain for the 10 p.m. session so reserve your tickets before they run out!

Brendan Byrne, Space Reporter, WMFE; Host “Are We There Yet?” Podcast

The Insanely Awesome Things Happening In Space Exploration
From retrieving a sample from the surface of an asteroid to SpaceX’s ambitious plan to send a Dragon capsule to Mars, there are some insanely awesome things happening in space within the next decade. What to look for, what to expect and why it’s important to us here on Earth.

Aquanza Cadogan, Digital Production Specialist

Mind Stimulation
The positive impact music has on the brain has long been researched. Scientist have discovered that ambient noise can improve creativity, music training can significantly improve our motor and reasoning skills and our music choices can predict our personality. For my speech, I plan on putting an enlightening spin on my passion for music and how it can positively and negatively affect our brains.

Michael Clark, Financial Advisor

The Science of Juggling
Juggling doesn’t exactly change the world but it’s fun. Michael will discuss how to learn to juggle, the basics behind it, and how it affects your brain. In this entertaining speech Michael will use multiple forms of visual aids to keep the audience engaged.

Kristine Iverson

The Science of Yoga
Opening with a breath technique, history of yoga to modern day American yoga. Benefits of yoga, the commotion of our minds cause our problems. Ending with various meanings of Namaste.

Ed Peterson

Pun Intended! The Use of Puns Through History
Since the invention of language, for better or worse, humanity has used puns. From Ancient Egypt and Rome, through William Shakespeare and Jonathan Swift, and up to the modern era, puns serve to elicit groans and guffaws throughout the world. They have been used for everything from laugh-track fodder to political mudslinging. Come along and learn more about these clever constructions!

Adam Ressa, Set Decorator

The Five Elements of Storytelling in Theme Park Design
Since joining Disney, Adam noticed that all successful designs share five inherent qualities:
1. Idea/Concept – each experience has an initial idea; a spark that starts the story
2. Life/Activation – each idea or concept is then brought to life, or the space is activated
3. Vehicle/Storyteller – each concept will have some kind of device or person that will help give direction through the story (example: a ride vehicle or performer)
4. Tangibility/Realism – the attraction must contain an element of realism or some kind of tangibility to make it believable (example: props, texture, paint)
5. Purpose – why are we creating this (example: to inspire adventure)
It provides clear visuals and asks its audience to evaluate the designs around it.

Felix Sosa, A.I. Researcher, Neuroengineer

The Next Step
It’s arguable that the most profound questions ever asked revolve around the brain and how it works. For centuries, we as a people have tasked our brightest to investigate the inner workings of the brain and it seems that we’re getting close to real answers. But, once we actually have those answers, what comes next?

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