Practice Your STEM Skills at an Escape Room!

By OSC on May 15, 2018 in What's New

At Orlando Science Center, we’re all about 21st-Century Skills. Current and future generations can only solve problems and improve the world if they have skills like critical thinking, communication and collaboration. All of these skills are also necessary for success in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). OSC’s exhibits and educational programs offer so many ways to develop these skills, but we’re not the only place in town where you can do that. Try an escape room!

What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are a form of entertainment that have become popular within the last decade. The concept is to lock a team of participants in a room, where they must solve themed puzzles to gather clues, keys, and other helpful objects in a sequence. The goal is to find the way out of the room before time runs out.

Escape rooms aren’t found everywhere, but they have become relatively abundant in Central Florida, a national hub for tourism and attractions. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list so you can select your first (or next) escape room adventure!


America’s Escape Game
International Drive area
Room Options: Crisis at 1600, The Caretaker, Asylum, Pandemic, The Lost Tomb of Monthu, Faceoff


American Escape Rooms
UCF area
Room Options: Cold War Crisis, Mad Professor’s Asylum, Mind-Boggling, Zombie Apocalypse


Breakout Escape Rooms
International Drive area
Room Options: The Ringmaster’s Den, Game of Espionage, Zombie Roadhouse


Dare 2 Escape
Room Options: The Ringmaster, The Asylum, The Dig


Digital Escape Rooms
East Orlando
Room Options: The Sol Solution, Lockdown, The Abyssal Depths


The Escape Company
Lake Buena Vista
Room Options: Pandorum, Suburban Serial Killer, Silent Tide, The Hidden Temple, Outlawed


The Escape Effect
International Drive area
Room Options: Sherlock Studies, Encore, At Odds with the Gods


The Escape Game
International Drive area
Room Options: The Heist, Mission: Mars, Gold Rush, Classified, Prison Break


Escape Goat
Winter Garden
Room Options: Camp Echo, The Quest, Area 51


International Drive area
Room Options: Under Pressure, Mansion Murder, Narco, Antidote, Budapest Express, Th3 C0d3


The Great Escape Room
Downtown Orlando
Room Options: Sherlock Holmes’ Library, Professor Moriarty’s Gameroom, Dr. Watson’s Infirmary


Lockbusters Escape Game
International Drive area
Room Options: The Collector, Bank Heist, Pirate Adventure, Chopper Down, Cremlocke Manor


MindQuest Escape Games
Universal Orlando Resort
Room Options: The Bomb, Diamond Heist, Mad Scientist, Cyber Crash, The Haunting


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