All-New Summer Camps for 2018

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Even if you’ve been to camp at OSC for many years, there’s something new for you in 2018!

Registration for summer camps is now open! Whether this is your first year at OSC camp, or you’re a faithful returning camper, there is sure to be a new experience you’ll love at camp this year.

Orlando Science Center summer camps provide a safe, fun, nurturing environment that promotes hands-on learning while fostering excitement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our program encourages 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication necessary for our children to thrive. Get your science on this summer, ensure an exciting and educational experience at our summer camps.

Below are details on our NEW camps in 2018. To see all camp themes and details about the program, download the 2018 Summer Camps Guide.

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Preschool Programs

May 28 – June 1

Who shares our space? Let’s explore our backyard environment full of birds, insects, animals and plants. Where do they live? What do they eat? Who is out during the day or at night? Using binoculars, bird guides and other exploration tools, we’ll check out our big backyard!


June 11 – 15

Elephant, tiger, lion, sea turtle, giraffe, kangaroo, eagle – oh my! Where do these animals live? What do they eat? What do they use for protection? Join the OSC wildlife team as we explore, collect data, design habitats and observe these creatures who roam the earth in their different environments.


June 25 – 29

What would happen if we didn’t have any muscles or bones to support our body? What is under our fingernails? What lives on our skin? Is our heart shaped like a heart? Along with our five senses, we will explore how our body works to keep us fit, healthy and together.


July 9 – 13

What do Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs have in common? Simple machines – wheel and axle, screws, inclined plane, levers, wedges and pulleys. Simple machines make our work easier. As junior inventors, we will design, create, construct and maybe improve inventions to help in our daily life.


July 23 – 27

What do we need to have a garden grow? Can we grow plants without soil? Without water? In darkness? Let’s explore how we use different methods (hydroponics, greenhouses), planting tools and experiments to grow fruits, vegetables and plants in our world. Don’t forget your garden hat and work boots!


Grades 3 – 4 Programs

June 25 – 29; July 16 – 20

You might know the difference between an insect and an arachnid and how a spider spins a web, but do you know a superworm’s favorite food or how much a caterpillar can eat in a day? We’ll collect and classify bugs of all kinds while investigating the world’s most diverse and outrageous class of animals.


June 11 -15; July 30 – August 3

Ready, set, go! Get active with the science of sports by learning the pro tips you’ll need to become an allstar. Move those feet and master your technique while
exploring the science behind the forces that affect every game you play.


June 4 – 8; July 2 – 6 

Are you mad for space science? Why are there different constellations visible during different seasons? What force controls the motion of the planets, moons, and asteroids in our solar system? How does our sun provide energy for living things on Earth? Why can’t we live on Venus? Come help us explore the answers to these questions and more as we learn about our place in space.


Grades 5 – 6 Programs

May 28 – June 1; June 18 – 22

May the science be with you! Discover how futuristic, science fiction technologies are becoming a reality by becoming a SciFi Jedi! We will explore the science behind the force, lightsabers, droids, and other technologies of tomorrow. Learn about the history of our universe from long, long ago as we explore how planetary bodies form. Join us, young padawan!


Grades 7 – 9 Programs

June 4 – 8

You don’t always need an advanced degree to do scientific research! Citizen scientists are everyday people who gather data and contribute to the greater good of science. With the help of these volunteer citizens, scientists have discovered new species, deepened their understanding of the universe, tracked changes in water quality and so much more. In this camp, you’ll join the movement to help scientists understand and improve our world!


June 11 – 15

Have you ever wondered how to make wearable technology, create your own 3D deigns, or produce creative original artwork? Become a part of the Maker Revolution, then acquire a variety of skills you can use to create, build, design, and discover. Draw inspiration from scientists, engineers, and artists in this unique STEAM camp!


July 16 – 20

Are you ready to take flight? Begin your expedition and determine how planes, helicopters, and drones lift off. Become a pilot and guide your aircraft safely through the skies using aeronautical technologies, including Orlando Science Center’s NEW Flight Lab. Sit back, relax, and get ready for departure!


July 30 – August 3

How do scientists and engineers come up with innovative solutions for extreme weather and the global challenges facing humanity? From monster hurricanes and tornados to clean drinking water, what skills do humans need to survive these challenges? What technologies exist and are being developed to protect living things from negative impact from these events? Come explore how we can continue to adapt and thrive in our changing world using modeling software, engineering solutions, and basic survival techniques.

August 6 – 10

Analyze physical evidence, find hidden fingerprints, take shoe impressions, analyze hair and fiber samples and examine DNA. Through scientific observation, measurement, deduction and prediction, you will be able to close this case within a week!


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