If you've been following our weekly installments about “Corrosion: The Silent Menace,” you already know that corrosion is a serious issue in the U.S. America’s infrastructure gets a report card every year, and its current grade is a D!

This problem is met with dire consequences. The corrosion that is attacking America’s infrastructure is causing more than 25 percent of our bridges to fail. 800,000 corroded water pipes are ready to burst, and these rusty pipes are leaking seven billion gallons of drinking water every day! Sadly, these issues aren't even the half of it.


Luckily, we can fight and win this battle against corrosion with our most powerful weapon: education. Knowledge is power, and armed with the building blocks of science, technology, engineering and math, we can motivate the next generation of scientists and engineers to continue, and win, this war on corrosion.

By understanding corrosion and what can be done about it, YOU can be part of the solution. Our newest exhibit, “Corrosion: The Silent Menace,” puts this power in your hands by making you a corrosion detective!

Aside from teaching you the basics of corrosion, “Corrosion: The Silent Menace” invites you to put your skills to the test with a whodunit-style activity presented by NASA! Guests are invited to use their newfound expertise in corrosion to explore what caused giant cracks to form in NASA’s Space Shuttle crawler treads. Solve the “Corrosion Science Investigation: The Case of the Cracked Crawler Treads” by investigating the “scene of the crime” to gather crucial evidence to find out what corrosive event led to a material failure.

Hone your skills even further with the Corrosion Discovery Game! After learning about the 12 different types of corrosion with “Corrosion: The Silent Menace,” embark on an investigation to find examples of corrosion hidden in the exhibit itself! How many can you find?

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