Saturday, November 26, 3:00 p.m.

Professor Jim Bell from the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University will be presenting Postcards from Mars: Using Rovers to Explore the Mysteries of the Red Planet at our Science on a Sphere exhibit.

In January 2004, NASA successfully landed twin rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, on Mars, in the most ambitious mission of robotic exploration ever attempted.  Professor Bell is the lead scientist in charge of the rovers’ Pancam color cameras, and has had an amazing front row seat for their photographic and geologic adventures.  In this presentation, Professor Bell will share his favorite images and stories from "inside" mission operations, and describe the major scientific findings made by Spirit for its six year adventure, and by Opportunity during its nearly 8 year mission, which continues to this day.

Professor Bell is also a member of the camera team for the Curiosity rover, NASA's next Mars mission scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral on November 25.  In his presentation, Professor Bell will also share the latest information on the plans for this next exciting Martian roving adventure!


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