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Everywhere you look, the human-made world surrounds us. But engineering marvels such as skyscrapers, airplanes and even your smartphone are under threat from a process known as corrosion.

The Science Center’s newest exhibit explores what corrosion is, why it happens, how we can prevent it and how you can join the effort to conquer this silent menace.

  • 3D Mapping: Thanks to projection technology, visualize how corrosion affects infrastructure including steel, pipes and signage.
  • Cracking Under Stress: Test beam and truss shapes by applying weight and looking at them from polarized glass to see where they are most affected by stress and therefore more likely to corrode.
  • The Case of the Cracked Crawler Shoes: Investigate real NASA artifacts and walk in the footsteps of a corrosion engineer to determine the cause of a corrosion incident.
  • Careers in Corrosion: Hear from professionals in the field of corrosion engineering about their experiences and how they got inspired to address these problems and ensure our safety.
  • Little Plates Reveal Big Secrets: Act as a corrosion scientist investigating samples of materials exposed in a corrosive environment to determine which materials and coatings provide the best protection from corrosion.
  • CORRSim Junior: Take an (inter)active role in preventing corrosion by painting your bike and protecting it from the elements in this Kinect experience.

Did you know that a large number of America’s bridges are aged 50 years or older and suffering from corrosion. This quiet attack on our nation’s infrastructure effects more than just our transportation.

For example, the 2006 Alaskan oil spill that let thousands of barrels of oil escape into the Pacific Ocean was caused by a dime-size leak. That leak was a product of corrosion that had affected more than 100 miles of pipeline.

Although these types of disasters may seem like freak accidents, the dangers of corrosion present a real threat in our day-to-day lives.



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Did you know that the problem of corrosion costs the United States billions of dollars each year?

Corrosion is an often overlooked but highly serious issue in today’s world. It can lead to the breakdown of bridges, pipelines, waterways and much more in the blink of an eye. We pay for the impact of corrosion in more than just dollars—human safety can also be at stake. But how do we define corrosion, and what exactly causes it?



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