Just in time for the opening of our exhibit “Corrosion: The Silent Menace” comes the world’s largest corrosion conference, right here in Orlando!

NACE International, The Corrosion Society, is hosting its annual CORROSION 2013 Convention and Expo at the Orange County Convention Center March 17-21. Industry leaders, corrosion engineers, pipeline operators, government officials and corrosion researchers will come together to discuss the threats of corrosion, learn about new technologies that fight it and ways that people and businesses can prevent corrosion from attacking pipelines, bridges, airplanes, buildings and more.


“Our mission at NACE is to protect people, assets and the environment from the effects of corrosion,” says NACE President Kevin Garrity. “In 1943, 11 corrosion engineers got together and built our organization. Corrosion is such a complex, natural process that they knew it would take educated scientists and engineers to prevent it from destroying our infrastructure. Seventy years later we have 30,000 members in 116 countries working to keep corrosion at bay worldwide. ”

Features of CORROSION 2013 include a special display of antique corrosion test equipment and instrumentation, a field testing exhibit that is an actual representation of a Cathodic Protection field with opportunity for hands-on activities, and the yearly Student Poster Session in which students present their work in corrosion to NACE membership. And of course, NACE will be providing bus service to and from the Orlando Science Center so that many corrosion professionals can explore the exhibit during its opening week.

For more information about NACE International, visit www.nace.org.


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