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Zoom Into Nano

Now Open on Level 2

Zoom into the nanoscale and find out how scientists view and make things that are too small to see! Look inside a butterfly wing, explore scale at magnification exhibits, shrink a pattern, and move individual “atoms.” Build a giant carbon nanotube, or stretch a molecule. Learn how scientists are using nanotechnology to develop new tools and materials that may affect our lives. Designed for 8- to 13-year-olds and their families.


Small, Smaller, Nano

Get oriented to three size scales in this exhibit cluster:

  • small (greater than 100 micrometers);
  • smaller (1 to 100 micrometers);
  • nano (less than 100 nanometers).

There are 1,000,000,000 (one billion) nanometers in a meter!


Making Nano Structures

Try two different ways to make very, very tiny structures and devices: move lots of atoms at once (Shrink a Pattern), or move atoms one-by-one (Atom Transporter).


Seeing Nano Structures

Models of atoms and molecules are enlarged to 100 million times their actual size within this courtyard of exhibits. View, build, and stretch molecules while exploring their shape and structure. Experience the constant motion of atoms and molecules.


Nano and Me

Learn about some highlights of the implications of current and future developments in nanoscale science and engineering




Admission to Zoom Into Nano is FREE to our members!

Zoom Into Nano was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation by Cornell University, in partnership with the Sciencenter, and Painted Universe, Inc.

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