To a kid, Otronicon is a dream come true — four floors of video games, robots, virtual reality and more. While the event can be known for the fun that can be had, it’s also recognized for sparking a child’s interest in science and tech careers through the appeal of interactive technology.

The event promotes the concept of “made in Orlando, played in Orlando” with many chances to interact with the creative professionals that make popular video games and discover the growing career opportunities available locally.

Parents may shake their heads when it comes to their kids’ interest in video games; they’re more engaged in their PlayStation game versus their science and math classes. But that passion can translate into a career making games themselves, and a lucrative one at that. And when they make the connection that a strong background in physics, programming and math skills are required for such a job, it’s a “Eureka!” moment.

Continuing the video game example, there are many schools in the Orlando area that teach game design and programming like the University of Central Florida, for instance. And at Otronicon, there are classes, workshops and panels about game creation.

Where else can you connect with industry professionals and ask them how they ascended to a career in video game creation? Gather the family, enjoy Otronicon together and realize that one day of fun can lead to a future where passion and career collide.

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