Gasps of awe and wonder as children enter DinoDigs will now be joined by another sound — squeals of delight — as they uncover fossils in Jurassic Ridge, a 540-square-foot excavation site.

Most dinosaur exhibits have a look-but-don’t-touch policy, but Jurassic Ridge encourages hands- (and feet-) on learning. Become an honorary paleontologist and carefully explore this fragile dig site to help Orlando Science Center discover unique fossils from the Jurassic period.

Photo Credit: RF Photography

Upon entering Jurassic Ridge, budding paleontologists will don protective vests and pith helmets before they grab their excavation tools and get to work. Little diggers can use brushes, sifters, shovels, tape measures and cones to unearth and learn about various fossils just like real paleontologists. Field books enhance the experience by showing you where to dig and providing background information about the skeletons to be uncovered.

Jurassic Ridge was created almost entirely in-house. The Science Center team built a deck surrounded by fiberglass “rock” filled with suspension foam. A rubber playground material was used in place of dirt as it is less messy, easy to replenish and hypoallergenic so everyone can enjoy the experience.

The development team’s goal was to take the concept of the popular (and smaller) dig pits located in DinoDigs and grow it into a STEM-(science, technology, engineering and math) based learning experience.

On your next visit, put the “dig” in DinoDigs and uncover fossils at Jurassic Ridge!

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