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The Science of Sustainability

The Orlando Science Center has embarked on a major retrofit of its facility so that we can help lead the community by example in the use of sustainable technologies. Born out of a need for a new HVAC system and a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, our “Green Building” project will consist of four primary elements: a new HVAC system, a lighting upgrade, a full roof replacement, and installation of a 45Kw solar power system.

It is expected that these changes will produce a significant reduction in energy consumption and will serve as the cornerstone for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building certification. We are grateful to the City of Orlando and Orange County who assisted in securing federal stimulus dollars and to the Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Council, OUC the Reliable One and Darden Environmental Trust for significant grants towards this project. Many thanks also go to our project partners Irvine Mechanical and Azur Solar.

Our new HVAC system will be up and running by this summer, ensuring that the Science Center will once again be the “coolest” place for camps, exhibits, and special programs. It is very important to us that these new enhancements serve an educational, as well as an operational, purpose. We want to inform the public about sustainable technologies by showing their real world applications. “Backstage” tours will be available for guests to discover the science behind keeping our guests comfortable while also learning how our operations are being kinder to Mother Earth in the process.

Soon after the HVAC system is online, the Science Center will begin generating solar power from panels installed on the roof of the Dr. Phillips CineDome, which will help offset our electricity costs. An added benefit to these new installations includes resealing our roof so no more leaks adding “atmosphere” to your experience while visiting DinoDigs.

In the near future, the Science Center’s lighting will also be retrofitted with more energy efficient systems. Displays explaining how this technology works and contributes to our overall sustainability efforts will be placed in key areas, allowing us to use our infrastructure for education. The Science Center is a great place to explain science concepts in a fun way, but we can also be a powerful community forum to promote how we can all use science and technology to make our world better.

JoAnn Newman
President and CEO


Energize your world

Power Your own city in Energize, a video game developed by UCF's Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in partnership with Orlando Science Center.  Energize challenges you to use all of the energy tools at your disposal to makea city run efficiently, safely and economically.



Check out the articles below for continuing updates about our Green Building Project:

We recently "officially" launched our green building project. Here's a video of the event...


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Did you know...

The Science Center’s new energy efficiencies and environmental practices will reduce our environmental and economic impact associated with fossil fuels - our carbon footprint - by as much as 12%.

The Science Center’s state-of-the-art HVAC system will save approximately 25% of our electric bill providing reliable, long-term and more efficient air conditioning and heating at a much lower cost.

The Science Center’s new water reclamation system will recycle water that normally drains out of the HVAC condensation line. That is going to save the amount of drinkable water we use by 25%! That’s about 80,000 gallons a month.

The Science Center’s paper recycling program will save about 12 tons of paper a year. That’s over 200 trees and 84,000 gallons of water.

The Science Center’s new 144-panel solar array produces enough electricity to power three homes.


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Celebrating the Science of Sustainability

Orlando Science Center Unveiled New Energy-Efficient HVAC, Solar Panels and Announced Major Lighting Retrofit

The Orlando Science Center unveiled its state-of-the-art eco-friendly HVAC system and solar panel array and launched its plan for a major lighting retrofit on June 16, 2010. These efforts are part of the Science Center’s dedication to increase energy efficiency, decrease operational costs and help serve as a community leader demonstrating the use of sustainable technologies.

This event announces the completion of the organization’s first steps towards attaining the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for its facility. Many partners contributed to the success of this effort, including the City of Orlando, Orange County, the Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Council, Irvine Mechanical, OUC the Reliable One, the Darden Restaurant Foundation and Azur Solar USA.


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