Academy Award®-winning team brings younger audience into the fold

Premieres Saturday, May 14, 2011

Orlando, FL - April 27, 2011 - Animalopolis, the first film for giant screen theaters to include children as young as three-years-old in the target audience, is coming to the Orlando Science Center on May 14, 2011 for screenings in the Dr. Phillips CineDome throughout the summer. Directed by award-winning Tim Huntley, and produced by Graphic Films’ Paul Novros, Animalopolis breaks new ground as a giant screen documentary balancing the cinematic interests of the entire family.

The film takes a lighthearted and imaginary look at a variety of animals including cheetahs that race like a Ferrari, bears that run their own fishing school, an operatic lion, scary crabs that hold a town hostage and even attempt to cuddle with children, and much more. It will provide audiences with a journey of smiles and chuckles. Whether going nose to nose with hippos as they graze upon nature's massive salad bar, or eye to eye with dancing bears, sea lions turning somersaults, or an otter that prays, audiences are reminded that nature provides us with humor and wonder, everywhere.

Animalopolis will take you on a voyage into the magical world of animals. It is full of good-natured humor, beauty and just plain fun for kids and their parents. Prior giant screen efforts have traditionally been geared for audiences as young as six or seven years of age. This documentary, running approximately 32 minutes, was specifically edited to maintain the attention of young viewers; yet, producers say that screenings have also delivered positive pre-teen, teen, and adult responses.

“This represents a milestone in the giant screen environment, as Animalopolis appeals to a broader demographic, while not straying from its intent to involve very young movie-goers in a new experience,” said Mark Kresser of K2 Communications, the film’s distributor. Comprised of segments featuring a light-hearted look at the animal kingdom, it is a “Seussian-styled” treatment done in rhyme and verse that carries a humorous tone.

The movie concentrates on real-world activities, such as seabird mating dances, migration, and how various species survive in the wild, while blending in fun, interesting vignettes that will enthuse and excite giant screen theater-goers of all ages. Education is usually an ingredient of giant screen films and was considered in the production’s objectives. The animals are presented in a humorous way, with just enough information to spark the young viewers’ interest without dampening their desire to learn more.

Director Huntley is an Academy Award winner for Up, a live action short, and has also received an Emmy® and three additional Emmy nominations. Producer Novros has been nominated for an Academy Award for Alaska, Spirit of the Wild, one of the largest grossing IMAX theater films on record, and has participated in the production of four other Academy Award-nominated films.

Recognized as leaders in the giant screen industry, distributor K2 brings a wealth of success and experience in all aspects of production oversight, global distribution, and marketing. Beyond theatrical distribution, K2 was first to recognize and capitalize on the television aftermarket, acquiring a library of 65 films independently produced for IMAX and other Giant Screen theaters, which they converted to high quality HD format. Their library of films is now playing on television in 40 countries worldwide, and has been licensed to other media including Internet sites, airlines, cruise ships and hotel rooms. To solidify its leadership role in the industry, K2 Communications also operates the only comprehensive Giant Screen consumer/fan website, For more information, consult

Following the premiere on May 14, Animalopolis will have regular screenings throughout the summer. See the film with admission to the Orlando Science Center. Tickets also provide access to all the Science Center’s films, exhibits and live programs. For more information on the Orlando Science Center, please call 407.514.2000. More information on the film can be found at

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