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Be transported to exotic lands without ever leaving home, with images of extraordinary clarity and depth that surround the audience using the largest film format in existence. You can journey to the top of Mt. Everest or to the bottom of the ocean through a theater experience that transports you to the center of the action.

Featuring a giant screen measuring 8,000 square feet, the 300-seat Dr. Phillips CineDome projects films through a fisheye lens, creating an image that surrounds the audience and extends well beyond their peripheral vision. Each screening is an invitation for fun and discovery.

We utilize the largest format film in the world. It is commonly called 15/70. This means 15 perforations (horizontally) on a 70 mm print. This format is 10 times larger than a conventional film theater. IWERKS Entertainment in Burbank, California manufactured the projector.


Fun Facts

  • The 15kW lamp operates at an internal temperature of up 6,000 degrees F, almost as hot as the sun.
  • The film is so strong that it could pull a car.
  • The film travels 5 ½ feet per second through the projector. 300 feet per minute.
  • The projector runs at about 20 mph at full speed.
  • The film projector weighs 2,300 lbs and goes 23 feet into the air.
  • Large screen film cameras can only shoot for 90 seconds before they run out of film and a fully loaded camera weighs 60 lbs.
  • All of our shows are presented in digital audio.
  • There are 30 individual speakers located in 7 clusters.


The Dr. Phillips CineDome at the Orlando Science Center offers viewers breath-taking experiences that seem very realistic. This experience is made possible with the enormous size of the theatre and the special film-frame size.

To make a giant screen film, 15/70 mm film is the key ingredient, the largest ever used in motion picture history. Film-frame size directly correlates with picture clarity. Giant screen films are able to project the world’s largest images, coming in around 8 stories high, because they come from a projection of the world’s largest film frames.

Crystal-clear, multi-story visuals help to make the audience feel more thoroughly immersed in the film’s experience. Because of the screen’s enormous size, your peripheral vision takes an active role in watching the film, making you feel like you have been transported into the action of the film.

The gigantic film size is great for films because it brings a sense of realism to the breath-taking panoramic visuals. Giant screen films are truly a rare experience, but don't take our word for it - come see for yourself. 

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