There’s a new addition to Orlando Science Center’s KidsTown exhibit hall!

Imagination Playground, an innovative playspace concept by Rockwell Group, is a portable playground made of lightweight foam pieces. Loose parts of unique shapes and sizes foster creativity and design, allowing children to build anything they might imagine. Children of all ages can enjoy creating countless settings and scenarios, animals, robots and more with the kid-friendly, eco-friendly foam.

Through Imagination Playground, deep learning concepts such as critical thinking and problem solving are developed and strengthened. Little ones have fun while also "building" on skills that will give them a competitive advantage in school and one day, a career. As your child imagines, designs and creates, they develop an understanding of balance and other STEM concepts.

The limitless possibilities foster creativity and innovation that extend beyond Imagination Playground! Children will see regular household items in new light and use them in exciting ways. Toilet paper rolls are not just telescopes; they are parts to build a log cabin, or support beams for a Hot Wheels parking garage!

Interpersonal skills like collaboration are fostered when children work together with parents or peers to build various structures. Kids learn how to be flexible thinkers and adapt their structures by trial and error when something does not work. Fairytale kingdoms, pirate ships, missions into space…the possibilities are endless! Rather than simply taking your child to a playground, let them create their own!

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