What did you do during School Break?

Give your kids a productive and fun way to spend their time off from school at the Orlando Science Center. Our school break program offers kids the chance to learn more about science and technology in an exciting, interactive environment. Whether they’re learning about how cooking is science, or simply learning how a snake crawls, our camps and classes are designed to entertain and inform.

School Break Camps & Classes work entirely around the school break calendar, so if school’s out for a day, a week or all summer, the Orlando Science Center is the place to be. School break camps are organized around the Orange County Public School calendar.


School Break Camps Provide

Unique Topics - Distinctive educational and timely classes designed to engage and entertain.

Fun Environment - Students have an opportunity to enjoy all the Orlando Science Center has to offer!

Member Benefits - Orlando Science Center Members receive a discount on School Break Camps.


Camps begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. Early and late care are included in the cost of camp. Drop-off as early as 7:30 a.m. and pick-up as late as 6:00 p.m.Additional fees apply after 6:00 p.m.



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Orlando Science Center Members receive a special discounted rate on Summer Camps. Discount does not apply to Corporate Memberships.

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IMPORTANT: You must have an active membership before proceeding to the camp registration site. The expiration date must be valid through the date of the camp being purchased. A membership number is required at time of booking. If you purchased a new membership online, see your email confirmation for your temporary membership number.


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School Break Camps are using new software! Teaming up with the Active Network, camp registration can be done online anytime.



October 24 - 25

Grades K-2: You Build It: Cardboard Challenge
Step right up to the Science Center’s latest camp! Have fun using your imagination to dream up new ways to use familiar materials. Whether you like building towers, cars, toys or towns, the sky’s the limit when you dream big.

Grades 3-5: Cardboard Arcade
Have you ever wished that you could design and create an arcade? Well, now you can! Find out how a 9-year old boy named Caine created an arcade and try out your own building abilities! Join us for two exciting days of cardboard game design – come up with plans for your own game stations, then join with other campers to make an OSC arcade! 


November 25 - 27

Grades K-2: It’s Electric 
Join us for this hair-raising camp all about electricity. We’ll learn about the powers of electricity by making Jell-O dance without touching it, build circuits and even stick balloons to the ceiling! 

Grades 3-5: By the Power of Tesla
You’ve heard of Edison, but do you know Nikola Tesla? You’ll be shocked at how much you will learn and do in just three electric days. Among other electrifying experiments, you will create and manipulate circuits, experiment with the Van de Graff machine and choose sides in Edison vs. Tesla!


December 23

Grades K-2: Science Can Prove It
Have you ever wanted to be a magician? Uncover the secrets behind amazing tricks as you levitate objects, reveal a secret code written in invisible ink and pull objects out of empty containers. Is it magic? No, it’s science!

Grades 3-5: Unbelievable Science
Believe it or not! In this incredible camp you will squeeze an egg into a bottle, inflate a marshmallow, make water disappear and more. You won’t believe your eyes until you learn the science behind these and other amazing phenomenons!


December 26 - 27

Grades K-2: Beyond Infinity
Reach for the stars and you might catch one! Join us for two days of out of this world fun where you’ll look beyond Earth to our galaxy neighbors near and far. From creating an astronaut flight suit, launching rockets to building your idea of a space ship, you will be having fun that is beyond infinity!

Grades 3-5: Galaxies Far, Far Away
Not so long from now, at a Science Center right near your home, you’ll have the chance to explore the Universe in a way you never have before. With help from our 68-inch Science on a Sphere globe, campers will learn all about planets, moons, comets and stars during this stellar camp.


December 30 - January 3

Grades K-2: STEM Powered
The Orlando Science Center is calling all junior engineers to create solutions to real-life scenarios. This week you’ll construct buildings, power electronics with circuits and build things that can roll, float and fly! Combine the power of science with imagination as you test your engineering skills against floods, earthquakes and hurricane force winds.

Grades 3-5: Engineer Challenge
Put on your thinking caps and step up to five daily engineering challenges. Whether tasked with safely dropping an egg, designing a windmill to carry a load or building the strongest bridge, campers will need to work together to plan and create their new inventions.


February 17

Grades K-2: Blown Away
Can humans predict the weather? How will we know what the weather will be like tomorrow? By exploring everything from a simple breeze to powerful storms, we’ll devise a way to measure the wind and build a craft to survive a hurricane.

Grades 3-5: Weather Wonders
Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a… dropsonde? Learn about how meteorologists use science to predict the weather. We’ll also learn about the Sun and the water cycle and how they combine forces to create hurricanes.


March 21

Grades K-2: One Fish, Two Fish
Make a fish, eat a fish, find a fish, meet a fish! Dive into this day of ocean fun as we discover fishy facts. Create your own finned friend, go fishing for some swimming sweets and explore the colorful residents of the Science Center’s very own coral reef!

Grades 3-5: Under the Sea
Take the plunge and see what lies below the surface on this day of ocean themed experiments. Explore the unique roles sharks, sea turtles and other sea-dwelling friends play in making the ocean one of the most dynamic ecosystems on planet Earth.


March 24 - 28

Grades K-2: Who Dunnit?
We need your help to solve a mystery. Join your fellow investigators by following clues, tracking data and discovering fingerprints. Pick up your magnifying glass and bring your investigation skills to figure out Who Dunnit!

Grades 3-4: Museum Mystery
Lab equipment has gone missing from the Science Center and they need your help to find the culprit! Campers will spend each day learning realistic investigative experiments as they compare finger prints, unravel DNA, test chemical reactions and composite sketches from witnesses to solve this museum mystery.

Grades 5-6: Science Clue
Was it Miss Scarlet in the Observatory with the telescope? Or maybe Professor Plum in the Cinedome with the projector? Put your sleuthing skills to the test with fingerprint tests, identification of unknown substances and more forensics tests done by real-life crime scene investigators to figure out the secret. 


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