STEM starts here!

Capitalizing on years of experience engaging Central Florida’s children in STEM education, the Orlando Science Center Preschool will enrich your child in a safe, hands-on STEM based environment.

The Orlando Science Center Preschool features:

  • A STEM curriculum that engages young learners in hands-on, minds-on experiences
  • Hours designed to accommodate busy work schedules.
  • Preschool hours are 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.
  • Classes for ages 3-5 with age/developmental appropriate practices and activities.
  • Early Childhood/Elementary trained staff, Level 2 Background screened, First Aid/CPR.
  • A Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) provider for the Early Learning Coalition of Orange County.
  • A world-class learning facility and environment.



In 2009, the Orlando Science Center launched its very own preschool because we believe in the important role a science center can play in early childhood education. It is never too early to cultivate a strong foundation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) areas. Young learners are natural scientists and through a preschool we can build on the natural curiosity and inquisitiveness of these learners to provide them with the building blocks to succeed on their educational journey.

The Orlando Science Center Preschool model features an environment unmatched by any other preschool in Central Florida. Children not only benefit from a developmentally appropriate learning space including hands-on activities and skill building centers but also the diverse and content-rich STEM experiences the Science Center has to offer. Our approach focuses on the whole child and incorporates project based learning and the inquiry method. Children are encouraged to utilize scientific thinking and engineering process skills while approaching real world problems relevant to their age and community.

Over the past 5 years the Science Center Preschool has been prototyping and refining a STEM integration model for the preschool environment. The Science Center selected Creative Curriculum, an innovative program that uses a comprehensive and rigorously researched approach that encourages creativity and is based on the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards. This curriculum reinforced the values and mission of the Center and was selected as the complement to building our own STEM program. Using a combination of Creative Curriculum blended with our own STEM curricula and activities we can ensure integration of STEM across all content domains. The blended curriculum focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) while embedding literacy, language, cognitive, plus gross and fine motor skills. By applying STEM learning cross-curricularly learners gain an understanding of how to apply knowledge and use critical thinking skills to solve problems.

To ensure the highest quality staff, teachers benefit from a professional development model that pairs them with museum educators. Together preschool teachers and assistants undergo rigorous professional development to hone effective questioning skills, STEM practices and applications, and engineering design challenge formats. This collaborative training model offers our teachers a supportive cohort of experienced STEM educators to share best practice, collaborate, and grow.

Weekly themes tie the messaging together and families are provided with information to support the school day learning in the home.

Children will be actively engaged in enriching learning centers and PLAY based activities, gaining social and emotional skills through interactions with peers and teachers on individual and group levels. The Science Center firmly believes in inspiring and supporting the foundational education of our youngest learners.

Our program serves children ages three to five including students participating in Florida’s Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) program. School readiness is a top priority at the Science Center’s fully licensed Preschool. By introducing children to STEM at an early age, our preschool engages students in critical thinking and problem solving, both of which are essential 21st Century learning skills.

All children in attendance must be fully toilet trained.


 Preschool 2015-2016 Prices

** Orlando Science Center Preschool is a VPK provider. Pricing is subject to change. Annual Registration Fees: $175 NONREFUNDABLE (does not apply to VPK only)

Space is Limited. Reserve your place by calling 407.514.2112 today!

Contact the Preschool office at 407.514.2166 for information or to arrange a tour of the Preschool.
Florida Department of Children & Families certificate number: C09OR0729


On Wednesday, May 21, the Orlando Science Center Preschool Class of 2013-2014 celebrated with song and dance in the Digital Adventure Theater: A National Geographic Experience.

Friends and family looked on as the little learners sang and boogied to songs like "My Florida Alphabet."

The preschool and education staff thank their students and families for another fantastic school year!

If you would like to enroll your child in Orlando Science Center's Preschool Program or would like to learn more, please call 407.514.2112.

Photo Credit: RF Photography

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On Thursday, May 23, we held our preschool graduations for our future scientists, teachers and doctors in the Digital Adventure Theater: A National Geographic Experience.

In front of a packed audience that included preschoolers' family and friends, the little learners sang and danced to celebrate all that they have learned.

The preschool and education staff thank their students and families for another fantastic school year!

If you would like to enroll your child in Orlando Science Center's Preschool Program or would like to learn more, please call 407.514.2112.

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The importance of an early learning experience is that playing is school readiness.

Environments that encourage play are environments that are preparing children for a love of life long learning. This is like a house with a strong foundation. The foundation supports the house of higher learning. Without a foundation, we have no strong house.

Seven things we must do with children each day are:

  1. Create – in dramatic play, art, discovery, blocks
  2. Move – takes in new information and uses both the inside and outside environment
  3. Sing – words and stories with your senses
  4. Discuss – communication, social skills, the need to be with others
  5. Observe – incorporating all of the senses (smell, touch, taste, see and hear)
  6. Read – read, read, read with variety
  7. Play – is the cement that holds our foundation together


These statements are taken from a presentation from Lisa Murphy, the ooey gooey lady and her workshop The Importance of Play.

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Susan Bertone, Preschool Director

Susan has been in Early Childhood Education for more than 20 years as a classroom teacher of 2 and 3 year old, PreKindergarten and Kindergarten, a Curriculum Resource teacher and a Preschool Director for the last 6 years.

Susan has a Social Work degree and an Elementary/Early Childhood degree from the University of Central Florida. Susan holds a Florida Department of Children and Family Staff Credential in Childcare and Voluntary PreKindergarten Standards. She also holds an active Florida DCF Director's Credential with a VPK endorsement. Her continuing education commitment is to Early Childhood, Curriculum, Literacy, Voluntary PreKindergarten standards, Child Development and Parent/Family issues.

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