Hello dear members! Science Center here,
With a few words, heartfelt and sincere.
We would like to thank you all so much,

For you’re continued support and such.
You all have helped us expand and grow,
Now coming up is what we have to show:
You see now is a great time to be a member,
With so much arriving this coming September.
In Lowrie Hall, you’ll find Charlie awaits,
A young boy learning of the dinosaur’s fate.
Dinosaurs and birds-what connects the two?
Venture through this exhibit and learn something new!

After Charlie there is more to see,
Come learn about communication technology.
At get the message, we have exhibits for you,
To learn Morse code, draw cave art, and join our news crew.
You’ll learn how ideas are received and sent,
And as members you’re invited to the opening event!

Now here's one we can’t wait to see.
Our special exhibit on astronomy!
Come learn of planets and moons, black holes and stars,
Look through our telescopes and discover new worlds afar.
Speaking of telescopes here’s something fun,
Ever wanted to gaze at the Sun?
Well then in the Crosby Observatory, on the 6th floor,
Our refracting telescope will help you explore.
Take a peek at the surface, a sunspot, a flare,
At our SunWatch exhibit, it’s polite to stare!

Cocktails & Cosmos is soon to arrive,
Watch Forces of Nature as the earth comes alive.
You’ll eat and drink and socialize too,
Members guess what- free admission for you!

Now don’t forget October- here’s something neat,
Our annual Spooktacular, come trick and treat!
Wow that’s a lot, but not even all,
So keep a look out this coming fall.

Members, friends, time to bid you adieu
Once more from the Science Center- A BIG THANK YOU!

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