The tornado is one of nature’s most jaw-dropping, violent storms. With the mix of damaging hail, rain, lightning and of course devastating winds, towns can be flattened within seconds. Before thunderstorms get a chance to fully develop, a shift in wind direction and speed takes place. Air moves upward through the thunderstorm eventually tilting the invisible rotation from horizontal to vertical. These winds can hit up to 250 miles per hour if the conditions are favorable enough. One time a motel sign was swept up, carried 30 miles and dropped in an entirely different state!

Forces of Nature, our new giant screen film, provides an eye opening, breathtaking glimpse of the world’s most destructive storms, explosive volcanoes and intense earthquakes. Come explore the chaotic, yet mystifying world of Mother Nature on our eight story, large-format screen. You’ll be blown away!

Video courtesy of National Geographic

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