Recently Orlando Science Center has welcomed Harry the Praying Mantis into Science Park for our new Harry’s Big Adventure exhibit which has brought many curious inspectors checking out all our multi-legged friends. This has created a question among many. What has happened to the earthquake room? Do not worry my friends, the earthquake room, along with the chess board, will be returning in January after Otronicon.

The earthquake room is a favorite among many, allowing visitors to experience a 5.6 earthquake. It has been with us since the beginning of Orlando Science Center making it 15 years old. The earthquake room is therefore in much need of a makeover, which is exactly what is happening. When the room returns it will be gleaming with new paint and fresh carpet. Not only is the earthquake room returning in January with a fresh new face, it is bringing along some new activities!

Everyone enjoys racing their friend’s cars down the 70ft pinewood derby track and now they can enjoy personalizing their own car with wheels and weights. This build-it-yourself pinewood derby activity will add a whole new level of excitement while racing your cars down the track. Science Park will be introducing a new exploratory activity with wind tubes, allowing visitors to observe how different objects move through air. The Gravitron ball wall will also be expanding to twice its current size. Come and explore these new and improved activities in January.

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