Taking the World by (Brain) Storm

By OSC on April 30, 2018 in What's New

It’s always a challenge to keep your kids entertained and productive, especially as they grow and their interests change. But if your kids are off-the-charts, certified geniuses, it’s even harder! So what do you do then?

You take them to Orlando Science Center.

That’s what solved the problem for OSC members Kerry Headrick and Tanya Veras, whose children Ashley Headrick and Sebastian Veras, now in middle school, showed early signs of extreme giftedness and joined Mensa at a young age. Ashley and Sebastian have needed extra enriching activities to stimulate their minds and allow them to expand their knowledge and skills, and their moms say the Science Center has provided that for them. The families have been neighbors, close friends, and members of Orlando Science Center since Ashley and Sebastian were babies.

“It always felt good to have my kids at the Science Center,” Kerry said. “I always knew they were being inspired.”

“The Science Center made learning fun, and because of that, Sebastian always wanted to come here,” Tanya added.

Kerry and Tanya said Ashley, Sebastian, and their siblings have all learned important skills and values at Orlando Science Center, like teamwork in the orange grove in KidsTown, and perseverance with Kinetic Zone’s engineering design challenges. The Science Center has also allowed their kids to sharpen their mental processes.

“The Science Center, then and now, is one of the few places I can go to get my curiosity satisfied,” Sebastian said.


Brain-to-Brain Competition: Genius Junior

As if Mensa and school gifted programs weren’t enough, Ashley and Sebastian’s brainpower was further endorsed by NBC’s Genius Junior, a TV game show that spotlights some of the smartest kids in the country. Participants memorize long sequences of information, solve complex math problems in their heads, and more — all under the pressure of a ticking clock.

After an extensive interview and audition process, Ashley and Sebastian were both chosen among just 36 students nationwide to participate on Genius Junior.

“It really was a life-changing experience,” Ashley said about being on the show.

Genius Junior is airing at 9 p.m. Sundays through May. Catch up on previous episodes to see Ashley and Sebastian compete!


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