Space Base

Science Station

Scheduled Times on Level 4

Virtual Reality meets real life. This activity is a self-propelled, 4D virtual reality experience. This is a ticketed experience – to sign up, visit the Space Base on Level 4

Space Base utilizes the Virtusphere, a 10 foot diameter sphere of ABS plastic that rolls on a base of casters. Game players climb in the sphere and don head mounted display goggles and a backpack full of sensing equipment. The sphere rotates freely in any direction according to the user’s steps, allowing gamers to walk endlessly in a virtual environment. This technology allows a user to safely explore hazardous or complex environments, or become immersed in full-body gaming experiences.

  • Mars Explorers must be at least 52˝tall to participate in this experience.
  • Maximum weight for this experience should not exceed 300 lbs.
  • For optimal experience: Suggested minimum weight – 60 lbs.
  • Suggested minimum age – 8 years.
  • Mars Explorers must be able to follow verbal instructions given by Base Commander.
  • Single explorers only, and only one explorer in the loading area at a time.
  • Closed toed athletic shoes recommended, no flip flops, high heels, or sandals.
  • Please secure any loose clothing or jewelry.
  • The Base Commander has the right to end the experience at any time.

This experience may not be appropriate for use with Electrostatic Sensitive Devices or any persons with conditions that may be affected by sudden movements, sensory sensitivity, exertion or motion sickness, including but not limited to:

  • Heart conditions
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Equilibrium / Ear problems
  • Back, neck or bone injuries
  • Recent surgery or illness

All program times are subject to change without notice.

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