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September 23 – January 3

Explore Optics and Physics at Playing with Light
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Shed light on physics and optics when you visit Playing with Light, the traveling exhibit making its way to Orlando Science Center this fall! Playing with Light features 22 immersive stations that use lasers, mirrors and more to put the power of light in your hands.

Your first steps into a world of optics are through a tunnel of 20,000 LEDs. Beyond the entrance is an array of activities to brighten your knowledge of how the world works.

Try to keep a beam of light trapped inside an adjustable stream of water and investigate how light travels in different materials. Take a step inside a giant kaleidoscope and turn yourself into a dazzling display of colors and shapes. Adjustable bending mirrors can make you tall, short, thin or wide – like a circus of science!

You can also virtually paint your next masterpiece using infrared light and use a spectroscope to analyze light from across the spectrum. You will be able to mix colored lights to create white light and play with lenses to make your own telescope.

The incorporation of “play” in both the exhibition title and the exhibits themselves provides the feeling that the exhibition is not a typical museum installation, but provides something unexpected for visitors. The attractiveness and highly creative nature of the exhibition engage visitors with science and technology in relatable ways.


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