Traveling Exhibit

January 28 – May 14

Don your space gear and prepare for lift off! Our newest traveling exhibit will take you on an out-of-this-world journey!

Astronaut consists of 26 interactive exhibits that investigate the reality of the job that modern day space travelers face. From training to take off to daily life in microgravity, discover what real-life space explorers have to go through. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to sleep, eat, shower and even use the restroom in space, Astronaut gives you the opportunity to find out!

Your interstellar journey begins on Earth but that doesn’t mean the challenges are any less exciting. Astronauts have to train both mentally and physically to ensure they are up to the task! Discover the dexterity limitations of pressurized EVA suits or see how many ‘G’s’ you can handle in our centrifuge capsule. Learn the importance of teamwork and the psychology that goes behind choosing astronauts for mission success!

Next, it’s time to blast off! 3, 2, 1 – Your adventure continues as you climb into a rocket and experience what it might be like to launch into space! Put your flight skills to the test and see if you can land a capsule on another planet.

Once you’ve landed, witness the daily challenges of living in outer space.  Everyday tasks are very different experiences in microgravity… Discover the answer to the number one asked question “How do you use a toilet in space?” with our genuine space toilet replica! Challenges are not limited to daily routine tasks though – Astronauts also perform critical ship repairs. Can you prevent catastrophe by spotting the heat shield damage?

Finish off your visit by discovering the experiments astronauts perform in space. Uncover the important information that rocks can tell us about the history of a planet by examining alien rocks for magnetism and radioactivity. Then learn about experiments to grow plants in reduced gravity! After all, astronauts can’t perform well if they’re hungry!


Astronaut is an immersive experience promoting the importance of science in space and the future of space exploration. Visit this awesome traveling exhibit to start your galactic expedition!


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