Learn more about circuits and computers at the Makey Makey Collabothon! What is a Makey Makey? It is a circuit board you can plug into a computer. The computer thinks that Makey Makey is a keyboard, so whatever you plug into Makey Makey becomes the keys to the keyboard, as long as the items are conductive.

At the Science Center, we know that people are conductive, so we decided to use Makey Makey to create a game about circuits. You can participate in the small version of the game, or the large version of the game.

This experience is free with admission!

In the large version of the game, families are encouraged to work together as a team.

This activity is best for guests ages 6 and up.

Learn more about Makey Makey here: http://www.makeymakey.com/

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