Engineer It! is Closing Forever

By OSC on October 25, 2017 in Engineer It!, What's New

It’s time to build one last bridge, try to finally get that arch to stand on its own, and send your boat down the water table a final time, because Orlando Science Center’s Engineer It! exhibit hall on Level 3 is closing Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Engineer It! has been one of the Science Center’s beloved permanent exhibit halls for many years, but it’s time for an update. As you’ve learned in Engineer It!, the Engineering Design Process is to Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create and Improve. That is exactly what we’re in the process of doing with our Level 3 exhibit space.

It’s time for Engineer It! to go, but what’s to come is an innovative and fresh improvement: a hands-on fabrication lab! Much like the Engineer It! exhibit, this new space will foster collaboration and encourage families, teens, children and adults to design, create, test, learn and share. This new experience will incorporate real-world tools such as soldering irons, Arduino processors, 3D printers and much more!

This new fabrication lab will be a space where failure is accepted as part of the process toward developing 21st-century skills. We can’t wait for you to be able to explore and innovate in your own way! Stay tuned as we release more information about the new exhibit in the coming months.

Be sure to visit Engineer It! one more time in the coming weeks before it’s gone forever!



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