Pint-Sized Science

Ages 3-5 years

 Pint-Sized Science is a drop-off program designed for children ages 3-5 to explore science with their friends. During this three-hour program, they will discover and learn about a range of science topics, from bubbles to physics to machines and more! They will be guided through simple lessons accompanied by hands-on activities and science-infused play.


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Program Information

1 Program = One 3-hour session

All program times: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.



Member Program Fee – $30
Non-Member Program Fee – $35

Per one child for one program session.

Member Semester Bundle – $243
Non-Member Semester Bundle – $284


Descriptions – Fall 2017


Senses: Sight & Sound

Friday, August 25

Eyes and ears, get ready to work! Complete some sight and sound challenges while learning how we use each of these body parts to interact with the world, and how each sense helps the other one do its job so well.

Senses: Smell & Taste

Friday, September 8

Your nose and mouth have two very important jobs – they help you smell and taste, and they can’t do their job as well without the other! Come discover why this is so, and practice using those body parts to solve some smell and taste riddles.

States of Matter

Friday, September 22

Rocks, water and oxygen all have at least one thing in common – they’re made of matter! Come explore the three main states of matter (solid, liquid and gas), and discover a few other amazing forms of matter as well.

Kitchen Chemistry

Friday, October 13

Did you know your kitchen is a secret chemistry lab? Grab a pair of goggles and a lab coat and get ready to create mixtures, solutions, and reactions using everyday things from the kitchen!

Coding & Computer Science

Friday, October 27

Come learn all about the basics of programming, coding, and computer science skills by tinkering and experimenting with technology – both on and off the screen!

World of Weather

Friday, November 3

Rainbows, hurricanes, and snowstorms – oh my! Join our wild adventure as we discuss all kinds of wacky weather from sun and rain to blizzards and ice, and what it’s like to be a meteorologist.

The Eight Planets

Friday, November 17

Climb aboard the space shuttle and join us as we rocket around the solar system, touching down on each of the eight planets, and learning about what makes each one unique.

Sun & Stars

Friday, December 1

Twinkling in the sky during the day and the night – stars are everywhere! Come discover what makes these giant balls of gas (including our sun!) glow, produce light and heat, and create beautiful patterns in the sky.

The Moon

Friday, December 15

The man on the moon has invited us to visit him! Tag along as we learn all about this solid rock, why it changes shape, how it seems to glow, and why it looks like it’s made out of cheese.


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