Adult Volunteers Bring STEM Learning to Life

By OSC on June 22, 2017 in Adult Volunteers, What's New

While exploring exhibits you may have noticed some friendly faces wearing blue shirts. These folks are Orlando Science Center’s adult volunteers whose goals are to bring exhibits to life by teaching and enlightening visitors. Bob Sorenson and Ed Samuel are just two of our exceptional volunteers who you might find in Our Planet and DinoDigs respectively. Together they share more than 20 years of volunteering fueled by their passion to share their knowledge and inspire science learning for life.

Both began volunteering at the Science Center to feed their scientific interests — Bob in astronomy and Ed in paleontology — but quickly learned that sharing their passions was more than self-serving and inspires future generations of innovators and explorers.

Have you ever stood beneath our T-Rex Stan and found yourself laughing at those silly little arms? Maybe you wondered why such a mighty creature seems so disproportionate? That’s when Ed will step in and share his knowledge about the fossils on display. His passion breathes a new life into the dinosaurs and inspires visitors to continue asking questions and seeking answers long after their visit.

And inspiring people to get excited and want to learn more about science is what volunteering at the Science Center is all about. “Lighting the spark,” as Bob phrases it, encourages him to come back week after week.  When you have volunteered as long as Bob has, you can see the impact you have on the community. Years ago a young child visited the Crosby Observatory and talked to Bob. That interaction lit the spark and ignited a passion for science learning and that child grew up to eventually join Orlando Science Center’s staff and inspire the next generation of STEM learners.

As you explore on your next visit, be sure to look for and say hi to Bob, Ed, and all of our adult volunteers in blue shirts. Feel free to pick their brains and ask them any questions. They love sharing their expertise and experience with all of our Members and look forward to meeting you!

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